Students at COAH will receive a top notch education.  With smaller class sizes, our teachers can individually help your student reach his or her full potential.


Jesus once said that whatever we do to the least of our neighbors, we do to Him.  (Matthew 25:40)  At COAH, we believe it is important for our students to learn to serve our school, community, and beyond.  Every semester, our students are expected to do a service project.  This can be done as an individual class or as a school wide project.


National Standards suggest homework times to be averaged to 10 minutes per grade level (i.e. 5th grade – 50 minutes, 8th grade – 80 minutes).  We recognize that some nights there might not be any homework and other nights there might be a little more, but we do want to honor time for family and church groups in the evenings.


Physical Education/Sports

We believe research when it says that increased blood flow to the brain improves alertness and intellectual functions, such as thinking, learning, and decision making.  Every day, students have the opportunity to be physically active, whether it is from Physical Education classes, taking a walk around the neighborhood, or participating in sports.



COAH wants to raise future leaders; therefore, the result will be better relationships, better communities, and a better world.  We give every student the opportunity for leadership, whether it is helping a teacher for the day, leading classroom devotions, offering a prayer, leading a student group, or through playing a sport.  We also know that a characteristic of a good leader is being able to speak publicly.  We train students to stand up in front of groups and speak with confidence.



Clubs allow students to explore various interests he or she might have.  If students have ideas for a club, they can present their to their homeroom teacher.