The COAH Mission

To support parents by providing an exceptional academic experience from a biblical worldview to produce the next generation of servant leaders.

The COAH Vision

To be a compassionate community where:
  • knowledge is pursued with excellence
  • faith is rooted in Christ
  • character is exemplified through service
  • God is always glorified

2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR

Until the Fun Begins

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    About us

    City on a Hill Christian Academy, located in Fairmont, WV, is entering its second year as a kindergarten to 12th-grade microschool. Founded by a group of dedicated educators, including Melissa Mohr who now serves as the head of the microschool. The academy aims to provide a rigorous education that is centered around Christian values. With a focus on strong academics and the Gospel, the academy offers a unique blend of traditional private school and homeschooling approaches. The academy operates from Monday to Thursday, with parents homeschooling their children on Fridays. By fostering a close-knit community and individualized support, the academy prepares students to shine their light in the world.

    The academy has received positive feedback from parents, who appreciate the opportunity for their children to receive a strong education while being surrounded by like-minded peers and teachers. The dedicated staff and teachers have demonstrated adaptability and a commitment to creating a nurturing and engaging learning environment. City on a Hill continues to prioritize academic excellence intertwined with Christian principles, fostering an educational experience that prepares students for their future endeavors.




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